Picking a Camping Chair

I always look forward to preparing for a camping trip because it means I will get out. It is even more joy when planning for a group trip. Granted, it is a bit tiresome, with so many things to take care of and a big checklist, but still, the compensation will be great. Over the time that I have been camping alone and with friends though, I have noticed that not many people remember to pack a camping chair. In fact, to many people, bringing a camping chair is optional and most of the time, they opt out of the chair.

Man sitting holding red bowl

However, having used a camping chair before, I know just how helpful this chair is. Today, it is always top on my list of things to take with me, especially now that I have lower back pain that comes and goes.

If you would like to buy a camping chair, here are the main things to look for:

The weight of the camping chair

This is without a doubt one of the chief considerations when you are buying a camping chair. While tossing it into the car it does not ask you a lot of effort, you still have to carry it to and from the vehicle to the tent, to the beach or to the place where you want to sit. The lighter it is, the better, but you should also consider the other features.

The seat and backrest material

The backrest and the seat of the camping chair are made of a fabric, could be nylon, polyester or a blend of different materials. High thread count is better. Since this chair will be exposed to heat, cold, dust and other elements, the last thing you want is a material that fades or discolors. Thankfully, all outdoor chairs are made with stronger materials so that they can withstand the elements.

The frame

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A bad frame is just bad… it can be a hazard for you too. You can imagine sprawling down on some hard ground after the legs of the chair give in. Today, many camping chairs come with steel or aluminum frames. But steel or aluminum is not a guarantee of quality. What matters most is the engineering behind the chair. Thus, I would look for a metal frame with many supporting struts and bars. It is better to carry a little more weight and be safe than otherwise. The powder-coated steel frame is better than painted for rust resistance.

Carrying and storage means

I bought a camping chair that came with a carry bag. However, I also have another camping chair that has carry handles. The last thing that you want is to have to stick a chair under your arm when trekking to and from the car.

Cup holders

This is another important feature to consider. When you are sitting on the beach watching the waves crashing into the rocks, you want to have a beer in your hand or a beach coffee tumbler with you. Today, if you are willing to increase your budget just a little bit, you can get a camping chair with a cup holder on one arm.

A storage pocket

This is not an extra – it is a must-have in a modern camping chair. You want a place where you can keep some items such as snacks, cellphone, sunscreen, a book and even your binoculars for bird watching. That way, everything you need will be within reach.

If you get a camping chair with all the features above, you should buy it. Add a touch of glamping to your camping adventure with a camping chair!