Heating Advantages

An electric heater is one of the best ways to heat your water easily and cost-effectively. With an on and off button, that is just about all that it takes to heat the water. Thankfully, there are so many electric water heaters in the market and buying one for your home, your camper or RV is so easy. You just need to go online and place your order. However, at the same time, it is best that you know the pros and cons of these heaters. That way, you will buy knowing what to expect rather than make a blind buy.

Here are a few of them:

Advantages of using electric heaters

Under sink picture

Small and versatile – They are small and so they are practically easy to install in small spaces. Most users prefer to install their electric water heaters under the sink, out of sight. They can also be installed on the wall, the shelves and even on the floor. This kind of versatility makes it quite good to have these heaters and the best thing yet is that they look stylish. They look good even when they are installed on the wall.  

Short wait time for water to heat up – This applies to the small electric tank heaters. Let’s say you have a 2.6-gallon water heater in your RV. When you need to use more water, maybe for doing the dishes or for the shower, the waiting time for the water to heat up is short, very brief. Even when you turn on the water heater, the waiting time is a few seconds and you do not have to waste water by opening the taps before.

Saves energy – Electric water heaters have thermostats. Thus, when you set a certain temperature for your water, once it heats to that temperature, the thermostat ensures it doesn’t heat up any further. The thermostats are also adjustable so that you can set the temperature of the water depending on your needs.

They are safe – The electric water heaters are safe for use, even when it is your kids using them. Firstly, they can be installed out of sight. Secondly, even if they are installed within sight, they are compact and quite tamper-proof.  

Running water in the faucet

Thirdly, modern electric water heaters are designed in such a way that when water does not get hot within the prescribed time, they shut off, cutting the electric connection. Another safety feature is that with the adjustable thermostat, the water temperature is easier to control thus eliminating risks of scalds and accidents.

They are easy to install – This is another thing that you need to know about these water heaters. They are easy to install. If you have just a bit of plumbing knowledge, you can install your water heater at home or in your RV.

Disadvantages of electric water heaters

The water heaters have to keep the water consistently hot at the set temperature. This means there is energy consumption and bills to pay.

There is a wait before you get hot water. This can be long or short depending on the model and make of the heater. However, manufacturers are working hard to shorten this wait for as brief as possible.  

These heaters do not heat a large amount of water. The capacity for these heaters is 2 gallons, 4 gallons and so on. Thus, if you want to heat a lot of water to run a warm bath, you would have to wait a bit.