My Camp Chair

It is time for me to go camping again. This time, I will outdo myself at the campsite. I mean, this time around I am going to bring along as many comforts as possible. I will take along a camping cooler, a chair and any other small item that will not take too much space. I intend to create myself a little glamping experience on this adventure. I always say that if you intend to enjoy your outdoor adventure, do it in a big way and bring along the little things that make your stay even more comfortable.

When people are planning to go camping, no one remembers to pack a camping chair, yet there are so many of them, light in weight and built to last a long time. Probably, the reason for this neglect is that many people do not figure that they will have time to sit down, or that when they are not out hiking, playing camping games or hunting, they will be sleeping in the tent. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is always time to sit down. For example, if you love camping in cold weather, you will find that you may have to spend more time inside the tent than outside.

As you will see on one of the benefits of taking a camping chair with you is that if you have a bad back, you are going to get a good reprieve. Sometimes, a chair is all you need to give your back a good break. Besides, these lightweight chairs also have good backrests so that you can lean back and watch the sunset comfortably. A camping chair is one of those things that you take with you as an afterthought, but after using it at the camp, you wonder what you would have done without it.

If you love reading when camping, either from an electronic device or from a hard copy book, just bring along a chair. It is much more comfortable than sitting on the ground with your head leaning against a tree stump.

Because the camping chairs are foldable, it is also easy to carry them along with you. Just fold it, toss it in the car trunk and you are good to go. These chairs are designed to take a lot of abuse from the tossing about on the car to being used on uneven ground.

When it comes to choosing a good chair for camping, buyers are literarily spoilt for choice as there are so many of these chairs. Even when you are on a low budget, there is a chair in the market for you.

Contrary to what many people think that these chairs are just rudimentary in design, the truth is that some chairs have good features like cup holders, mesh compartment for storage of some items when it is unfolded and so on. Besides, these chairs are also made with the right outdoor material such that they are not affected by the weather. Thus, they will not fade.

To see more about the features of the best camping chairs, you can click here for more information. However, here are two reviews of camping chairs to make your search easier:

King Kong Chair From Alps Mountaineering

King Kong From Alps Mountaineering

One of the things that you will love about this chair includes its color. However, even the engineering and structural design of this chair is built to impress with steel struts to support a lot of weight, up to 800 pounds. It also has a couple of cup holders, is made with 600D material that is going to last many years of use. This chair can withstand the weather incredibly well.


Heavyweight rating

Heavy-duty material for frame, seat and backrest

Hs cup holders to keep your bottle of beer

Metal parts are powder coated to make them weatherproof

Sold with a carry bag

Good for large people


A bit heavy at 12 pounds

Coleman Deck Chair with Side Table

Coleman Deck with Side Table

Having cup holders is no longer the in-thing for camping chair, not when you can have a side table with your chair. This Coleman chair brings you that and more useful features. Besides, as you can see from many online resources including, Coleman is one of the most popular brand names for outdoor recreation items such as tents, chairs, coolers and others. Thus, you know you can buy this chair with confidence that it is going to serve you well.


Light but strong aluminum frame

The backrest is padded

Has a foldable side table for more convenience

Carry handles for portability

Built with good support for your posture


Table is positioned too low for comfort

Joints could turn a little flimsy with time